Spreading the word about Minto Galloways in Europe

cowsOn 20 September we welcome back Greg and Chris from Minto Galloways  who have been off spreading the word about this great breed of cattle in Europe. They’ve recently attended two Galloway conferences in Germany including the World Galloway Conference where Greg presented a paper on the nutritional and eating value of Galloway beef.

This breed is certainly getting a lot of attention, having also been inducted into the Slow Food International Ark of Taste late last year. It’s a cattle breed that has, for centuries, been known for their superb beef quality. The meat is low in fat, high in beneficial fatty acids and has an excellent Omega 6:3 ratio. Minto Galloway Stud is one of Australia’s leading studs, located in Yass, and delivers Galloway beef directly to the consumer and to restaurants. You can buy their fresh and frozen cryovaced Galloway beef and have a chat about this fantastic breed at the Market each week.

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