NEW: Float on a doughnut cloud from Bombolini

Handmade artisan custard filled doughnuts by new stallholder at the Capital Region Farmers Markets, BomboliniImagine biting into a cloud-like doughnut – light and fluffy, non-oily and damn delicious. Now imagine that filled with tasty homemade custard or jam…they don’t come any better than the doughnuts from Market newcomer, Bombolini.

This local Canberra start-up is making delicious doughnuts – literally like custard bombs – and seriously tasty. The dough is enriched with zest and left for a day to proof to develop a sourdough like flavour and a zesty punch. They are fried at a high temperature then hand filled with the home made custards and jams made with free range eggs and quality ingredients before being sprinkled with a garnish for a colour, textural and taste contrast.

Made on the morning of sale so super fresh, you can find a range of eight flavours available each week including Madagascan Vanilla with wild flowers, and dark chocolate with shaved chocolate curls.  As Homer Simpson says, mmm…Doughnuts!