Latest Market update….

Bet you can’t wait to find out what’s happening at your favourite farmers market this week? Well sadly we have NO doughnuts, yes Bombolini will not be at the market for the next 2 weeks – sob sob!! Just have to find another sugar fix I’m afraid… Maybe a juicy finger lime will do the trick, back for a few weeks as they have a very short season are Sandy Creek Finger Limes who can be found on site No 124. Also returning for another season Naturally Grown Potatoes, organic spuds – Yes!! We also have a new stallholder joining us Dean’s Market Ramen – a traditional Japanese style soup, perfect for the winter mornings as they are approaching fast, you can find them in the new outside food area. See you all there!

Finger Limes  Finger Limes-2 Dutch Cream spuds


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