Relocation, Relocation, Relocation – some of your favourites have moved

CRFM-Stallhodler-Adam’s Patisserie-FrancesTake note – some of your favourite stallholders have moved. Thankfully, not away from the Market – just to a different location within the Market.

Just so you won’t miss them on your next visit, note that Adam’s Patisserie has moved from stall 141, and is now located at stall number 124. You can find Ahmed and Frances from Adam’s each week with their Mediterranean style biscuits, slices, cakes, biscuits and breads.

Also on the move, La Barre Olives has moved out of stall 142, and can now be found at stall 119. Visit Charlie and Julia from La Barre in Yass, with their range of vinegars, oils, sauces and olives.

Scope out their new locations on your next visit!

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