NEW: Succulent succulents from Botanical Nora

Succulents by Capital Region Farmers Markets stallholder, Botanical Nora Home grown plants are a welcome addition to any home, especially when they are actually home grown in Canberra. Market newcomer, Nora Do, has started her own business Botanical Nora, specialising in succulents and cactus grown in her Ngunnawal home.

Nora has been growing succulents for years and knows more than a thing or two about how to propagate them through cuttings and leaves. Nora’s varieties include echeveria, crassula, gaptoveria, sedum, agave, aloe and more. The plants are all sold in small pots, and Nora plans to bring more decorative pots and her hand made terrariums to the Market over the coming months.

You can check out these little succulent beauties at the market two to three times a month.

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