NEW: Paddy the Baker and Matty’s Healthy Pizza Bases

The Irish know their bread. Soda Bread is well liked in Ireland, and Irish born Gerard Winston quickly saw a gap in the market here in Australia as it just wasn’t available. And so Paddy the Baker and Matty’s Healthy Pizzas Bases was born. New to our Market, this is Australia’s only Irish Bakery with very unique products. Leaving Dublin behind in 2009, Gerard moved to Australia with his wife and five young children to start a new life. After discovering they just couldn’t get bread here like they could back home, he started their soda bread business which is now very popular amongst the Irish community. The bakery produces a range of Irish bread which is sold across markets in both Sydney and Canberra. Products include traditional soda, seedy soda, potato bread, buttermilk scones, and gluten free options too. As the name suggests, they also produce healthy pizza bases made from organic sourdough or spelt sourdough, with an organic gluten free option on offer too. You can also buy two sauces – a tomato pizza sauce, or the kale and basil vegan pesto. The idea is you can buy a base and a sauce of your choice to create a great pizza at home. Check them out and try a sample or two on your next trip to Market.

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