September Stallholder Workshops: Learn the art of butter puff pastry and chocolate making

Butter puff pastry and chocolate. Two of life’s most delicious pleasures. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about them in greater depth other than they just taste terrific, then join us at the Market’s September Stallholder Workshops. Head to the Market on Saturday 8 September and Wayne from Uncle Juan’s Bakehouse will demonstrate how he makes the old-fashioned butter puff pastry that he uses for his gourmet sausage rolls and pies. He will show you his techniques, talk about the amazing way that flour, salt and water combine to form gluten, and demonstrate how the layering and folding of dough and butter forms that beautiful flaky puff pastry. Afterwards, you can sample one of his delicious baked mini sausage rolls – with vegetarian and vegan options too. Yum!  You can catch Wayne at 9am. Then at 10am, head on over to our ever-popular chocolate makers, Jasper & Myrtle Chocolate.  If you have ever wondered how Jasper & Myrtle make their bean to bar chocolates, now is the time to find out. See how they turn their Bougainville cocoa beans into their award-winning chocolate and taste every stage of the process in the bean to bar journey. The chocolate makers will set up to show the whole process – bringing in roasted beans, with the process including winnowing (i.e. de-husking), grinding and moulding of the chocolates. Stay tuned on more upcoming workshops which will take place on the second Saturday of each month. All workshops are held next to the food court and seating area where CIT have their cooking demonstrations. They’re tasty AND educational!

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