16 May 2015 – Mandarin Season Starts Today

Good news for citrus fans!  The mandarin season from Leeton has started.  Auddino’s Produce have bucket loads of Imperials.  You can expect to find these along with other varieties at the CRFM between now and Christmas.  Not everyone loves a cold snap but mandarins love a good frost as it brings out the sweetness in them.20 Oct 12 Market 022

Brussels Sprouts also love the cold.  They thrive in the frost and snow and taste sweeter because of it.  Kurrawong Organics will have them until September.  They are grown organically, with each plant hand harvested three times throughout the growing season.

Despite the cold, it’s still a good time to plant trees.  Ian from Cascades Nursery advises that in Canberra you will find that we don’t get cold enough to completely stop the deciduous growth in the Winter. They will grow lots of roots and then explode with new growth in the Spring.  Check out his North American Maples, Ornamental Pears, Claret Ash and range of of Birches.

Ann from Cypress Valley is a smoker from way back!  Check out her whole smoked trout and her pieces of de-boned smoked trout. Her pate is the perfect blend of sour cream, dill & chunks of trout.  Use it as an addition to your entertaining platter of stir it through a fresh pasta.



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