The latest in horticultre

Canberra Colour have imported biodegradable pots from desch plantpak  in Holland. The pots are made from plant biopolymers and are 100% biodegradable – it is a fantastic new technology. Market customers will see them early in 2016. Green energy is used in the production of the pots and overall they represent a significant reduction in co2 emissions. Disposal of plastic pots is a major issue and so to be heading in this direction is a huge improvement. Canberra Colour are one of the first in Australia to use this product. Their business uses green energy for their electricity using and having biodegradable pots reduces their environmental impact significantly.

Other stallholders in the flowers, plants and garden category putting the environment first are River Road Nursery and Cascades Nursery. Both stallholders reuse and recycle plastics pots to plant their blooms and trees. If you have any spare pots you’d like to get rid of, send them their way.

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