What’s In Season

What’s In Season

Jun 04
What’s in season: citrus fruits and chestnuts

Citrus fruit. You know when the weather is cool, there’s going to be an abundance of…

Aug 08
What’s in season? Far out, Brussels sprouts!

Brussels sprouts have been given a bad rap over the years, which, quite frankly, we…

May 02
What’s in season? Happy days as honey brightens up the month of May

While we’ve got our sights set on winter’s delicious and wholesome foods, we’re…

Mar 27
What’s in season? April brings out the best in winter veg

As the weather gets cooler, focus shifts from salads to soups and all things lovely,…

Feb 26
What’s in season? The month of March means the best of both worlds

Foodie lovers, prick those ears right up because we have good news. It’s shoulder…

Jan 29
What’s in season? Munch your way through the alphabet

Summer veggies are in season and ready to be eaten! With produce from A-Z (aubergines,…

Nov 07
What’s in season? Splendid strawberries!

Strawberries. Splendid, scrumptious, superb and in-season now. Did you know that aside…

Oct 11
Asparagus come at us

Asparagus is here, it’s in abundance, and it’s very good. Did you know this stuff is…

Aug 07
Keep warm with these seasonal veggies

The last of winter is upon us, which means it’s a good idea to make the most of winter…

May 03
What’s in season? Persimmons

A noticeable change in season has finally come about, meaning there is also noticeable…

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